Kosinski and Thiagaraj, Ltd.

A cross-border law firm specializing in U.S. employment law.

Who We Are

Kosinski and Thiagaraj, Ltd. is a law firm spanning Ontario and California that specializes in California employment law. With over two decades of combined experience in employment law, we provide thoughtful and straightforward advocacy to both individuals and small businesses throughout Canada. Whether you are hiring your first employee in California, seeking advice on a sensitive issue in a California workplace, or considering employment in California, we are here to help.


Client Testimonials

“Just when your back is against the wall with your employer and you either have to walk away or accept the facts, you need to have someone like Alison in your corner to shed light on what is right and where you have been wronged. Working with Alison during this challenging time I felt like someone cared and I had a voice; Alison gave me back the confidence to believe in my rights and knew exactly how to handle my case.”
- Engineer Who Was Denied Medical Leave

"Alison Kosinski and Emily Thiagaraj are total life savers. They are super skilled, knowledgeable and hard working and they are also incredibly compassionate and empathetic. They are a joy to work with and they fight super hard for their clients. They have both offered me personally so much counsel, advice and support far beyond regular work duties. I have turned to them for employment law questions, and they have been there for me 24/7. Dealing with legal situations is never fun, but Alison and Emily have made the process as understandable and lighthearted as possible. I would warmly and confidently recommend them to anyone!”

— Associate-Level Marketing Employee

“After receiving my email and voicemail, Alison called me back very quickly and was thoughtful and professional in listening to my concern. She was meticulous in her requests for and review of all the materials I was able to provide. After receiving these materials and with a thorough discussion, Alison did a very clear assessment of my situation and worked with me to figure out realistically the correct way to proceed. I always felt that Alison had my best interests in mind, and I was confident that she was doing everything possible to help me. I sincerely feel that Alison was a superb, experienced advocate. She handled the communication with my employer and helped me navigate a difficult and stressful time in what I consider to be the most professional and skilled manner.”

— Director-Level Tech Employee

“Emily possesses not only a great understanding of the law but also an outstanding work ethic. With Kosinski and Thiagaraj you will find remarkable counseling step-by-step and you can rest assured that they are working with you and for you for the best outcome possible. Legal cases can be very stressful and can take many months or years but having Emily’s reassurance, honesty and expertise made the process somehow bearable.”

— Dental Assistant

“I had the good fortune to work with Alison Kosinski on an employment law issue that was complex. I worked with Alison independently to review a mutual separation agreement. She gave me valuable counsel which led to a fair and gracious exit package. She was extremely knowledgeable, responsive and efficient, and went the extra mile to bring this case to closure. I have already recommended her to others. She is a top notch attorney.”

— Tech Industry Executive


Our Lawyers

Alison Kosinski, Partner

Alison handles all aspects of employment law, including general counsel services, contract reviews, and severance negotiations.

Emily Thiagaraj, Partner

Emily is an expert in U.S. employment law, handling all types of matters, from advice and counsel to litigation.