The attorneys at Kosinski and Thiagaraj, Ltd. advise current employees in both the private and public sectors on all matters related to the workplace.  Some of the most common advice and counsel services we provide include:

  • Assisting you in filing complaints of unlawful conduct and discrimination in the workplace
  • Advising you on your rights to various leaves in California, including pregnancy-related leaves and disability-related leaves
  • Guiding you through the interactive process to obtain the reasonable accommodations you need to succeed at your job
  • Reviewing the terms of your employment contract
  • Drafting rebuttals to unfair or inaccurate performance evaluations
  • Representing you in workplace investigations

Retaining an attorney for advice and counsel provides you with these advantages:

  • Getting ahead of any potential conflicts or discipline at work by strategizing with an expert
  • Understanding your rights as you interact with you current employer
  • Evaluating your employment goals, whether it be promotion, transfer, or an exit, and working with an expert to reach those goals

Employers consult with their employment counsel on many of their actions, including negotiating accommodations, imposing discipline, and conducting investigations—it only makes sense for you to do the same.  The attorneys at Kosinski and Thiagaraj, Ltd. are here to help you level the playing field.